Honda Odyssey Recall 2014: Minivan Airbags May Not Deploy Due To Electrical Problem

Honda Odyssey Recall 2014: Minivan Airbags May Not Deploy Due To Electrical Problem

The Honda Odyssey recall in 2014 is for a problem affecting the ability for the side-curtain airbags to deploy due to an electrical problem.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Toyota recalls in 2013 have affected engines, brakes, and airbags, causing Toyota to lose its good reliability rating. Then a Honda minivan recall in 2013 affected the 2007 to 2008 Honda Odyssey models. A manufacturing flaw in the power liftgates allowed pressurized gas to escape from the struts. Under certain conditions, the flaw could have caused certain Honda Odyssey models to brake hard in an uncontrolled manner. The worst part about that recall was that the part was not available until 2014.

Officials are saying the newest Honda Odyssey recall affects 1,501 vehicles sold of the 2014 models in Canada. But 24,889 of the vehicles sold in the United States are effected by the problem.

This is how the problem is described:

“During assembly of the electrical coupler for the passenger side curtain airbag, the shorting terminal, which is used to prevent deployment of the airbag before it is assembled into the vehicle, may have been damaged. A damaged shorting terminal may cause the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) indicator to illuminate as well as prohibit the side curtain airbag from deploying during a crash, increasing the risk of injury.”

The good news is that this particular problem was discovered via warranty repairs and no crashes or injuries have been reported so far. The Honda Odyssey recall will allow minivan owners to bring their minivan to a dealer and have the repair done free of charge under warranty. All owners will be contacted by mail by May 16 but if you want to determine if your particular vehicle is effected by the recall you can go to or by calling 1-888-9HONDA9.