‘Girl Meets World’ Premiere: June 27 Premiere Date Announced, New Trailer Released

Girl Meets World

The Girl Meets World premiere date has been released! Disney Channel will air the very first episode of the Boy Meets World “sequel” on June 27. The Matthews family will be making their nationwide debut after Zapped, a Disney Channel Original Movie starring Zendaya. Those who plan on tuning into Zapped should definitely stay glued to their television sets after the show — because GMW will begin right after at 9:45 pm.

The new show is highly anticipated and many fans are hopeful that it lives up to its expectations. And, in case you were wondering, most of your old favorites are going to making appearances — yes, even Mr. Feeney. Actor Rider Strong will be back to play Cory Matthews’ bestie, Shawn Hunter (how would the show even work without these two getting into some kind of trouble together?). And also, Cory’s parents played by actors William Russ and Betsy Randle will also reprise their roles (they are now grandparents!).

Girl Meets World focuses on the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley Matthews played by actress Rowan Blanchard. Riley faces many “life lessons” as she goes through school and the show will highlight her journey according to IMDb. Although her “parents” were in the same situation not that long ago, Riley will handle things in her own way — in 2014. But don’t worry — there are a ton of similarities between Cory and his daughter, Riley, as evidenced in this new trailer:

And E! Online has even more exciting news for Boy Meets World fans:

“To get fans even more pumped for our Matthews Family reunion, Disney Channel is also airing a four-hour Boy Meets World marathon on Sunday, June 15 hosted by [Ben] Savage and [Danielle] Fishel.”

Girl Meets World will air every Friday night for much of the summer. Beginning on July 11, the show will air on Friday nights at 8 pm. As previously reported by Inquisitr.com, the Disney Channel already extended the shows episodes to 21. There was originally only supposed to be 13 episodes but the hype has proven that this show is going to really take off. While it’s not going to be the exact same as Boy Meets World, it will have similarities — and that’s what viewers are really looking forward to.

There are many shows that fans would love to see on the air again (Friends, Full House) so this is certainly a treat. Will you be tuning in on June 27 to watch Cory and Topanga raise a family of their own? Do you think that Girl Meets World will be successful?

[Photo Credit: TV Line]