Avril Lavigne: Is The Singer Unhappy With Chad Kroeger? [Rumor]

Avril Lavigne can’t seem to get away from negative press these days.

Shortly after the release of her much-maligned “Hello Kitty” music video, reports surfaced that Lavigne and husband Chad Kroeger are experiencing some marital difficulties. If you choose to believe the anonymous sources who are flapping their gums these days, the their relationship is quickly falling apart.

According to Showbiz Spy, there’s apparently a little trouble taking place at Avril Lavigne and the Nickelback frontman’s home. Although the couple agreed to keep their partying ways under control when they’re away from one another, it would seem that Kroeger isn’t living up to his end of the bargain.

“When they first got together, Avril wore the pants. But Chad has reverted back to his old ways and doesn’t check in with her like he used to,” the anonymous source recently explained.

If that’s not enough to convince you that there’s trouble brewing behind-the-scenes, then consider this report from OK! magazine. Their source claims that Avril Lavigne isn’t wearing her wedding ring these days, a telltale sign that there’s something amiss in her love life.

“The singer was photographed in L.A. without her engagement ring. Avril and Chad Kroeger haven’t been married a year, but an insider says they can’t trust each other. The friend says it’s too emotional for Avril to look at her ring,” a completely different source revealed.

Is there any truth to these Avril Lavigne divorce rumors? Since they’re popping up from insiders and anonymous sources, fans of the singer should approach these reports with extreme caution. While it may seem like things aren’t looking good for the couple, this is possibly nothing more than unsubstantiated celebrity gossip.

One this is for certain: Avril Lavigne’s musical collaboration with Chad Kroeger is definitely catching the world’s attention. The Inquisitr previously reported that the music video for the controversial tune racked up over 11 million views during its first week of release. This doesn’t include all the unauthorized versions of the clip that popped up on YouTube.

Lavigne is also having the last laugh courtesy of some unexpected success on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Despite the mountain of controversy the tune generated ahead of its official release, the track managed to land at number 75 on the aforementioned list. Say what you will about the tune, but it would appear that Avril has a hit on her hands.

Do you think Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are getting a divorce?

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