Drake Lint Rollers: 1,200 Lint Rollers Given Out At Raptors Game

Drake lint rollers were given out at The Raptors game on Wednesday after the rapper was seen using a lint roller while sitting courtside during Game 2. Drake caused quite a stir, and now everyone wants to get in on the lint roller thing. Not missing a beat, The Raptors decided to run with the potential phenomenon — something that people might even think of as a “good luck” charm of sorts. And so people at the basketball game were able to use their lint rollers… just like Drake.

USA Today reports:

“The Raptors partnered with Bounce, a company that makes dryer sheets, to make Toronto’s dream a reality. 1,200 rollers were given out in the Drake Zone and in Maple Leaf Square outside the Air Canada Centre.”

About 1,200 Drake lint rollers were handed out at the Air Canada Centre ahead of The Raptors / Nets game. Drake — who has been named The Raptors’ “global ambassador” — is originally from Toronto, and has been supporting his team in the playoffs, according to Mashable. He probably didn’t think that using a lint roller to clean himself off would make such an impression… but it certainly did!

The lint roller thing has turned into a something major as photos of Drake cleaning himself off during the game went viral on Twitter. It took just over a week for The Raptors to take action and now everyone (who has a lint roller) can “roll like Drake.” And don’t worry, Drake thought that his lint-rolling was quite amusing and he posted this on Instagram after last week’s game: