Richard Gere ‘Touched’ By Tourist’s Generosity, Calls Her An ‘Angel’

Richard Gere was so convincing as a homeless man on the street of New York that a tourist offered him some pizza. Not surprisingly, the actor was incredibly “touched” by the gesture.

The Pretty Woman star was in-character near NYC’s Grand Central Station earlier this week when a woman approached him with an offer. Since Gere was rummaging through a trash can for food, 42-year-old Karine Gombeau gave him a slice of pizza. The Inquisitr reported that she even apologized to Richard because it was cold.

“Thank you so much. God bless you,” Richard Gere told the woman.

The actor will portray a homeless man in director Oren Moverman’s upcoming drama Time Out of Mind, a film that also stars Kyra Sedgwick and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress Jena Malone. The filmmaker recently revealed that Richard Gere was completely surprised that someone would make such a selfless offer.

“He was very touched… He said, ‘Ya know, she was like an angel.’ He was in character, so obviously he was feeling like a guy who lives on the street. When she came over, he said he felt like an angel gave him a gift,” Moverman told The New York Post.

According to the Express, Gombeau didn’t realize that the homeless man was actually Richard Gere. She just saw a person who obviously needed a bite to eat. It wasn’t until someone showed Gombeau a picture of herself with Gere in-character that she realized the man she helped was an actor.

“It was magical… It’s crazy, this story. It’s unimaginable that something like this could happen. I think he’s very handsome, even at his age. Pretty Woman’ was not my favorite movie, but I ­really loved ‘Chicago.’” she explained during a chat with The New York Post.

She added, “It leaves me really sad to know we waste food and they have nothing. It really moves me.”

According to the Daily Mail, Time Out of Mind stars Richard Gere as a homeless man who attempts to rebuild a relationship with his daughter (Jena Malone). Unfortunately for those who are anxious to catch the flick on the big screen, the drama doesn’t have a release date as of this writing.

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