Dwyane Wade Poised For Huge Playoff Run As Heat Sweep Bobcats

In a season where Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade would miss 28 games and end up with career-low numbers in several categories, the 32-year-old has performed well during the playoffs, showing a consistency on the court that helped his team sweep their first-round playoff series with the Charlotte Bobcats, and leaving Dwyane with plenty of time to rest-up and prepare for whoever ends up as their next opponent.

"I actually came out of the series pretty good," the Sun-Sentinel quoted Wade as saying.

"I'm going to continue my work behind the scenes to try to continue to get better, because we've got a big picture in my mind."
With Miami's three final regular season contests as a test-run, Dwyane came into the playoffs as a question mark. Despite his knees feeling their age, Wade has overcome and stepped back in to an important contributing role for the Heat. According to the Bleacher Report, Wade comes out of the first round series averaging 17.5 points per game, 3.8 assists, and 3.3 rebounds. Dwyane has shot 49.1 percent from the floor so far in the playoffs. While these aren't huge numbers, Wade's consistency was key in the sweep, and the ability to deliver solid numbers on a regular basis will make him an important ally as Miami continues its march through the next round.

"I'm not going to look too far ahead," Wade toldESPN after game 2 against the Bobcats. "I'm just going to continue to take it day to day and game by game in these playoffs, knowing that things could change from each game. The playoff games are very hard on the body, so we'll see. I'm feeling good right now, and I just want it to continue."

Dwyane continued to perform well during the final two games, and now he and his team get to sit home and wait for the winner of the Toronto-Brooklyn series. It's time off that a man like Dwyane Wade can certainly appreciate.

Despite low numbers this season, Wade has still performed well when healthy, and although his scoring and assist totals are down, Dwyane actually ended the 2013-14 season with a career-high 54.5 percent shooting average. It just goes to show that the best players learn to adapt their style over time, and have the ability to overcome set-backs like age and aching joints with the power of knowledge, experience, and technique.

Dwyane Wade may be in the twilight of his career, but the party's not over just yet, and Dwyane is out to show himself, his teammates, and the rest of the world that he's still got enough in the tank to help this team win yet another championship.