Bill Cosby Stirs Rumors: Will There Be Another Cosby Show?

Bill Cosby has been in the news a lot lately, fueling rumors of the possibility of a new Cosby Show on NBC. Cosby spoke to E! News to shed some light on matters. Well, not really.

Bill began by explaining that, mainly due to his age, now 76, working on a show will be a new kind of experience for him: "First of all, I'm 76 and 9/12 years old. So that will be different," he said.

He went on to reveal some details, confirming, to some people's dismay, that whatever the new show will be it won't be very edgy. Hmmm, doesn't really garner interest for the upcoming show.

Bill Cosby revealed: "I'm going to have a different wife. And it's not going to be something where, you know, hard-biting and edgy stuff. It's what people are asking for. People I meet in the airports, they want things about life that makes them laugh about themselves. There's kindness and sharing and it makes you feel good, but it's not goody-goody. I think we can get to the people with it."

So there you have it, people at airports want to watch things about life that will make them laugh about themselves. Interesting take on matters Bill, but are you really in touch with what viewers want and, more importantly, what ratings the show will get?

After all it's a long time since the original, and it has to be said, highly entertaining and classic show, which aired its final episode on April 30, 1992. These days it's more about ratings, people. RATINGS!

Johnny Carson honored Bill Cosby with a 2014 American Comedy award but his return to the small screen isn't 100 percent official as yet.

Following the Cosby Show, Bill starred in CBS's Cosby from 1996-2000 and co-starred opposite his wife, Phylicia Rashad, in both shows, even though she won't be joining him in any upcoming series.

All will be revealed this month as to whether or not a new Cosby Show is on the cards when NBC announce their new programming schedule.