Justin Bieber Is Mayor Rob Ford’s Nadir, ‘Did You Bring Any Crack To Smoke?’

Justin Bieber allegedly jokingly asked Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford if he had any crack cocaine in a club two months ago. The Mayor, who is taking a break from civic duties amid new allegations of crack usage was apparently apoplectic over the query.

Justin Bieber’s near-immaculate media sync timing rears once more in a just surfaced story that he jokingly asked Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford if he had brought any crack to smoke at a Toronto club, when they ran into each other by chance two months ago.

Fast forward to Wednesday night and Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke tweeting that Ford became “enraged” when Bieber allegedly asked the only logical question this Mayor should be asked at this particular point in time.

The surreal Bieber story arrives hot on the heels of Ford’s announcement last night that he is taking a leave of absence from his work and campaigning for re-election to “seek immediate help” for alcohol abuse issues amid wild revelations out of Canada.

The Globe and Mail is reporting two of its journalists have now viewed a second video of the 44-year-old smoking crack.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Sun posted audio recorded by a patron at a bar on Monday night in which Ford said he would like to “f—ing jam” a female mayoral candidate, also complained about his wife, rounding out his banner night making inappropriate comments about ethnic minorities.

In the wake of these reports, Ford told a Toronto Sun columnist that he now wants to “deal with his issues” and “go get help.”

According to the Toronto Star, Ford had a moment of truth encounter with the 20-year-old pop star when he and Ford saw each other at Muzik nightclub on March 15, incidentally St. Patrick’s weekend.

Ford, who was apparently out drinking with four men he met earlier that evening and three “paid party hostesses,” allegedly approached Bieber to say hello in the club’s common area.

Citing an eyewitness, the Star reports:

Ford tried to shake Bieber’s hand and became enraged when Bieber instead quipped:

“Did you bring any crack to smoke?”

It’s claimed a furious Ford “blustered back to his private booth.” Some reports state he was assisted by security guards.

Star also reports witnesses say Ford disappeared into the club’s bathroom emerging an hour later “appearing heavily impaired, babbling that his wife and children ‘do not like’ him” and “I am in over my head.” Vomit was also involved.

The newspaper alleges Ford’s companions at the club that night believe he was on drugs and that the Mayor was allegedly seen doing lines of cocaine at Muzik on April 5.

Ford previously admitted he smoked crack last May after a cell-phone video of him doing just that emerged.

As yet — and he’s unlikely to, based on past form — Bieber has not mentioned the alleged exchange. However, his uncle Rob told Star that media reports about his family are “almost always 90% fiction.”

In January, Ford defended Bieber when he phoned in to Washington, D.C. based Sports Junkies radio show to offer his opinion on the hosts’ views that Bieber is “Canada’s worst export.”

At the time the Mayor said, “Well, you know what, he’s a young guy. At 19 years old I wish I was as successful as he was. He’s 19 years old, guys. Think back to when you were 19.”

The Inquisitr adds Canadian media has stressed Bieber was jesting when he allegedly asked Ford about crack, and it’s worth noting print and online media made Ford their go-to man for addict jokes long before Kimmel, Stewart, Fallon, Letterman and — allegedly – the Biebs got in on the action.

We’ll leave you with a Twitter snapshot of reaction to the Bieber-Ford crack summit.

Rob Ford won’t release his schedule, so I piece it together in handy pie chart form. Week 12 was… unusual. #TOpoli pic.twitter.com/HdpigfU7QB

— Rob Ford Work Watch (@FordWorkWatch) May 1, 2014

It’s understandable that Rob Ford would be enraged by Bieber asking him if he had any crack to smoke because that is so not what he’s about. — Andrew Coyne (@acoyne) May 1, 2014