30 Of The Most Powerful Photos You Will Ever See

Below are 30 of the most powerful photos that you will ever see. Taken from around the world, these photographs provide a glimpse of heartbreaking and heartwarming stories that will be remembered forever.

A sibling finding out that his brother had just been killed.

[Image: Nhat V. Meyer]

A man jumps from the World Trade Center following the attacks on 9/11.

[Image: Richard Drew /AP]

A missionary holds the hand of a starving young boy.

Image credits: Mike Wells

A young boy attempts to pull his alcoholic father.

[Image: imgur.com]

A man clings to a woman underneath the rubble of a collapsed building.

[Image: Taslima Akhter]

The surface of Mars.

[Image: nasa.gov]

A dog waits by the gravesite of his owner after the landslides in Rio de Janeiro in 2011.

[Image: Vanderlei Almeida / Getty Images]

A man weeps after his home is destroyed following the cyclone that hit his home in Myanmar in 2008.

[Image: Brian Sokol]

A young gypsy boy in France in 2006 where it is common for young boys to smoke.

[Image: Jesco Denzel]

A young child runs after his father while marching through New Westminister, Canada in 1940.

[Image: Claud Detloff]

A Russian World War II soldier reunites with the tank he used throughout the war.

[Image: englishrussia.com]

The walls inside of a Auschwitz gas chamber following World War II.

[Image: kligon5]

A man hugs his dog after they are reunited when a tornado struck Alabama in 2012.

[Image: Gary Cosby Jr. / AP]

Holland, 1888- The grave of A Protestant man and a Catholic woman.

[Image: retronaut.com]

Parents still looking for their daughter that disappeared in 1969.

[Image: reddit.com]

Men of Papua being shown how to properly use a condom in a public market in 2009.

[Image: Adri Tambunan]

A soldier prepares for battle in 1943.

[Image: Shirak Karapetyan-Milshtein]

A man carries kittens across a flooded area in Cuttack City, India in 2011.

[Image: Biswaranjan Rout / AP]

Vietnam protester places a flower in the barrel of the rifles carried by National Guardsmen.

[Image: Bernie Boston]

Chechnya- Russian soldier plays an abandoned piano in 1994.

[Image: drugoi.livejournal.com]

A man offers a drink to soldiers in Afghanistan.

[Image: Rafiq Maqbool / AP]

A heart surgeon rests after a successful 23-hour-long heart transplant.

[Image: James Stanfield]

A young woman grieves in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

[Image: Asahi Shimbun, Toshiyuki Tsunenari /AP]

Zanjeer the service dog is buried with full honors as he saved countless lives during the Mumbai serial blasts by detecting explosives.

[Image: STR News / Reuters]

Cairo, Egypt- Christians form a circle of protection around a group of Muslims during the uprisings of 2011.

[Image: Nevine Zaki]

A young boy plays at his music teachers funeral that had helped him to break free of the poverty and violence of his community.

[Image: salvemasnossascriancas.blogspot.com]

A Father and soon recreating a photo taken of them in 1949.

[Image: Vojage-Vojage]

A firefighter offers fresh water to a koala after the devastating fires that took place in Australia in 2009.

[Image: abc.net.au]

Homeless men in New Delhi, India wait to receive free food outside of a mosque.

[Image: Tsering Topgyal / AP]

A soldier reunited with her daughter after serving overseas for seven months.

[Image: Louie Favorite]

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