'Mean Girls': Top 10 Quotes From The Classic Movie For Their 10th Anniversary

Jan Omega

Ten years ago, Tina Fey penned a script which would be the basis for one of the most entertaining movies to come out at its time. Mean Girls, starring Lindsey Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, and Amanda Seyfried in her film debut, was loosely based off of the novel Queen Bees and Wannabes, which explores the social cliques in high school life, and the damaging effect they can have on girls.

Now ten years later, Mean Girls is still "fetch". Even here on The Inquisitr, we've reported the official celebration of Mean Girls' 10th anniversary, how there won't be a sequel at all (for now), and how there is a Mean Girls musical in the works. There is more news to report on, but in honor of Mean Girls becoming a decade old, here are a list of the top ten quotes from the movie, as reported in fashion between Thought Catalog and NY Post.

The lead-up this classic quote, brought to us by Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), is funny too. This includes the "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" quote...which was also delivered by Karen too.

This classic line is so funny because this quote has nothing to do with feminism, yet it is a term passed around like candy among women these days. Just read our report on feminism, and why the movement is dying.

Talk about alliteration, or maybe a line that could easily be followed with "Here's your sign!". I kind of would have guessed that a life ruiner would ruin people's lives. That's why it is titled "Mean Girls" right?

This Mean Girls line is pure gold! I don't even have a smart comeback for this one.

We definitely should all go crazy at Taco Bell. But I will say that Karen's "blondeness" proves to cater to the indulgent comedic appetites of many.

This line of classic quotes isn't exactly funny, but it shows the type of person Regina George is as well as what Mean Girls is all about. She's very two-faced which is shown after the girl with the skirt walks away. This also is a key scene which is in relationship with when Regina and Cady meet in the lunchroom.

Probably one of the funniest scenes in Mean Girls because the simple outburst interrupted a very heartfelt speech, which was quite sappy.

The fact that Milkshake by Kelis is playing in the background helps enforce Regina's mom's attempt of trying to be her daughters friend in possibly a way to skirt the responsibilities of being a mom.

This Mean Girls quote is in the midst of the introduction of "The Plastics". I personally love it when the description for Karen is given. Didn't know someone needed help to spell "orange".

This Mean Girls quote is probably "gospel" because it is so marred in factual evidence. It is evident that Halloween is the only time a girl can dress like a prostitute-version of a nurse, animal, or whatever occupation they desire...and get away with it.

Those are the top ten quotes of Mean Girls. True most of them are within a barrage of other classic quotes, but these stand out the most. So in the comments below, what are your favorite quotes from Mean Girls?