Star Wars: See Rare Behind The Scenes Photos From Carrie Fisher’s Personal Collection [Photos]

Star Wars Episode VII has just announced its cast and a whole new generation of Star Wars fans is now excited about taking that journey back to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. But it’s easy to forget that the original Star Wars movie was also a long time ago.

But if you need reminding, check out the below behind-the-scenes photos from the very first Star Wars movie, and take a look at the stars, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill. They look like kids in these rare shots from Carrie Fisher’s personal collection — but that was 37 years ago.

How has the world changed in the time between the first Star Wars movie — called Episode III: A New Hope — and the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII?

In 1977, not only was the internet at we know it still nearly 20 years in the future, the Apple II computer, the first mass-marketed personal computer, had just hit the market.

The best selling album of the year in 1977 was Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. Of course, it was 12-inch vinyl album, compact discs still being about decade away.

Elvis Presley played his final live concert in 1977 — and he also died that year. Jimmy Carter had just become president and the highest rated TV show was Roots.

That’s a small sample of what America was like when these behind the scenes Star Wars photos were taken.

Exclusive prints of the rare photos are going up for auction as part of “The Auction Finale,” an event put together by Carrie Fisher’s movie star mother, Debbie Reynolds. Other Star Wars collectibles up for bid include a collection of signed Star Wars movie posters and Fisher’s own, personal Star Wars program.

The Star Wars items are just a few of about 800 pieces of historic movie memorabilia being sold by Debbie Reynolds.

Here are five of the 20 Star Wars on-set photos from the shooting of the very first Star Wars movie, to be auctioned off by Carrie Fisher.