Jameis Winston Of FSU Accused Of Shoplifting Crab Legs And Crawfish From Publix

Jameis Winston, Florida State University’s quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, was accused of shoplifting crab legs and crawfish from a grocery store.

According to CNN, Jameis Winston was given a citation on Tuesday accusing him of stealing $32.72 worth of groceries, being crab legs and crawfish, at a Publix located in Tallahassee, Florida. This was confirmed by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, in which one of their trusted sources stated the following:

“He (Jameis Winston) got an adult civil citation. If he completes the sanctions, it will never show up on his record. They commonly give them to juveniles on first criminal offenses. They are now doing it for minor misdemeanors for adults to lower the crime rate.”

Jameis Winston is only the second freshman to win college football’s most coveted Heisman Trophy award. That accolade wouldn’t grant Winston any favors but would just place him in a negative position. To Winston’s credit, he said he simply forgot to pay. Major Michael Wood confirms this and also believes Jameis Winston.

“He (Jameis Winston) was very cooperative. Seemed fairly honest in the fact that he did not pay for the items, so it was not a huge mystery to solve.”

As part of Jameis Winston’s civil citation for alleged shoplifting, he was not arrested but has been ordered to serve at least 20 hours of community service. FSU baseball coach, Mike Martin, had this statement about Winston’s civil citation:

“I am confident he (Jameis Winston) will complete his community service obligation and the situation will be resolved soon.”

Jimbo Fisher, the football coach for FSU, had this to add along with Martin’s statement:

“I fully support Coach Martin’s decision and will also make sure that Jameis meets all obligations, which I know he will.”

Jameis Winston may also have to pay the $32.72 owed to Publix, since Wood mentions that restitution is usually part of the citation program.

Unfortunately for Jameis Winston, this isn’t his first issues with the law. According to Tomahawk Nation, Winston was investigated for an alleged rape, but the State Attorney declined to bring charges due to lack of evidence. Back in November, it was reported that Winston was questioned about his involvement in a long-running BB gun battle, and that a Burger King reported Winston was stealing soda in a ketchup cup.

This situation is very peculiar because the NCAA recently approved unlimited meals for student athletes. Nevertheless, Jameis Winston may have gotten something of a higher flavor value, especially if free meals are anything like the free meals in grade schools back in the 90s.