Good Samaritan Scares Off Thieves With Concealed Carry Gun, Buys Scared Kids Candy [Video]

A good Samaritan from Texas has become an unnamed hero after using his concealed carry license to good effect, pulling a gun on two thieves and saving the day. The man even took the time to buy candy for the scared kids of the victim, a mother whose purse was being snatched by hoodlums within a vehicle.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Florida zombie apocalypse amendment was proposed to replace a bill focused on concealed carry laws.

Although police have not released the names of the victims, the thieves, or the good Samaritan, there were witnesses to the assault that took place in front of a Family Dollar store in Houston, Texas. Brenda Vasquez is the manager for the store and she describes the attack as happening so fast:

“This lady opens her car door, grabs the woman’s purse and they reverse. While they’re trying to reverse, the lady is holding on to her purse still, chasing them all the way to the middle.”

That’s when the good Samaritan rides in on his white stallion (not really, it was a dark-colored PT Cruiser):

“And that good Samaritan came out, drew his weapon and scared them. And that’s when he pulled them out of the car. The guy is something else. He’s a hero.”

Grabbing his concealed weapon, the good Samaritan held the two thieves at gunpoint until police arrived. Although the cops did approach the scene with guns drawn, and forced the good Samaritan onto his face, the situation was relatively cleared up, with the man being declared a hero. The male and female suspect were taken into custody and the good Samaritan offered to buy candy in order to help calm down the two children of the poor mother.

Despite the good outcome, Houston police warned anyone in a similar situation to be careful.

“The citizen did what he thought was right at the time.”

So far the good Samaritan has not come forward.