‘COD 2014’ Could Be Called ‘Patriots’ or ‘Blacksmith,’ Set During World War I

'COD 2014' could be titled 'Patriots', and take place in World War I

COD 2014 is rumored to be named Patriots, and is said to take place during World War I, while others are calling it COD: Blacksmith. We can only hope it will break Activision out of their trend of releasing what many call the same game every year.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, COD: Ghosts had received such low ratings and poor sales that it could have cost Activision their license to publish the series again. Hopefully its new three developer rotation will fix that.

The series has always featured a first person perspective of a soldier with a rifle as the gamer runs through ruins and such, shooting anything that moves. Still a successful formula, it seems they’re not trying to break out of it, even after last year’s Ghosts seemed little more than another round of the same thing with a few missions thrown in involving space and a dog to break up the monotony.

For many gamers, that wasn’t enough, and some may have jumped ship and climbed into a mech in the Xbox One exclusive Titanfall. The fact that so many gamers are calling Titanfall a Call of Duty clone, and yet still playing it, is ironically an indication of a winning formula.

The new Call of Duty: Patriots or Blacksmith will allegedly be a current gen exclusive title, taking a queue from Ubisoft’s next Assassin’s Creed, except for the rumored Comet coming to Xbox 360 and PS3. Those two consoles might not get COD in 2014 at all. If true, that rumor could backfire on most gamers who haven’t moved on from the last generation yet.


In a surprising twist from previous Call of Duty titles, the 2014 edition will allegedly be more blatantly fictional, featuring characters and scenarios from past titles as a fantasy version of World War I is presented. While this might anger some for gross historical disregard, it could show that Activision and Sledgehammer Games are trying to change things a little without breaking a long winning formula that keeps the fans coming back every year.

There is even the rumor that Smith Black may simply be the name of a main character, leaving Patriots as the official title.

What do you think of COD 2014 taking place in an “alternate universe” version of World War I under the title Patriots?