Lana Del Rey: The Latest Dish!

Lana Del Rey recently released her newest single 'West Coast' which is the lead single off her second album, Ultraviolence, which is expected to be released later this Summer. Since her single release roughly two weeks ago, Lana Del Rey has been on tour to support her upcoming album.

Del Rey started her tour at Coachella, where she debuted 'West Coast'. Her tour officially started in Grand Prairie, TX, New Orleans, LA and just last night in Miami, FL. Each tour stop has brought rave reviews from fans and bloggers.

Lana Del Rey's most recent tour stop at the Fillmore in Miami Beach, FL last night. From a show review, fans stood outside the doors to the Fillmore at 8 a.m. waiting to get front row seats to the general admission 13 song Lana Del Rey show. The sold out 2,700 person audience was comprised mostly of teenaged and 20 something girls and a spattering of young men.

"I had been waiting to see Lana for years. Being here tonight means more to me than you will ever know," said Craig Reynolds, a senior at FAU.

This was the Fillmore's first attempt at a ticket-less concert. Not a single person held a ticket to the Lana Del Rey show, therefore the will call window was packed, and those who hadn't purchased tickets yet, found themselves at the credit card line. Fans were not happy about the disorganization.

"The venue was really unorganized," said Justin Williams, another FAU senior. "Because of the unorganization I was not able to get to the front of the stage like I wanted to."

The doors opened at 7 p.m. and the fans flooded in to get the front row view of Lana Del Rey. DJ Sidewayz opened the show much to the dismay of fans, who were bored nearly to sleep. Lana Del Rey came on stage at 9 p.m. and despite her musical style, the crowd perked up. Del Rey performed many songs that connect so well with her fans as many of them cried throughout the concert and even Lana Del Rey herself was not saved from shedding a few tears.

In other Lana Del Rey news, her newest single 'West Coast' was re-edited by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys to clean things up a bit for radio. With Dan Auerbach's touch, 'West Coast' is bound to climb even higher for Lana Del Rey!