Calvin Harris Built A Special Rita Ora Shrine In His Home [Rumor]

Calvin Harris loves Rita Ora so much that he allegedly built a shrine in her honor.

While the DJ is understandably thrilled to have the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer on his arm, the guy reportedly went to great lengths to show just how much he loves her. Depending on who you choose to believe, Harris reportedly dedicated an entire room of his spacious abode to his girlfriend’s accomplishments.

While insiders claim that Calvin devoted quite a bit of space to the singer, nothing about the so-called shrine was officially confirmed by anyone associated with the couple as of this writing. However, it’s not altogether unreasonable to believe that Harris would want to show off the stuff Ora has obtained during her career in his home.

“Calvin went to the trouble of getting all of Rita’s gold and platinum single discs mounted onto the wall in one of the rooms at his Los Angeles place,” an anonymous source recently explained to the Daily Star.

The nameless insider continued, “It has the platinum discs for ‘R.I.P.’ and ‘How We Do’ from Australia, the gold discs from ‘How We Do’ from the UK and New Zealand, and still photographs of Rita acting in the new ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie.”

According to Contactmusic, Calvin Harris knocked Rita Ora out of her stylish socks with the shrine. The DJ even left some free space in the room for her future accomplishments. Apparently Harris believes that his girlfriend hasn’t finished conquering the world just yet.

While Calvin Harris is definitely supportive of Rita’s career, the singer admitted that her beau was a little worried about her appearance in Fifty Shades of Grey. When asked whether she disrobed in the flick, Rita revealed Harris and her family wouldn’t have allowed such a thing to happen.

“Nope! Calvin, my dad and my brother had a group meeting to worry about it. I leave that to the main characters,” she explained.

By the way — Ora is just as madly in love with Harris as he is with her. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer had a hard time keeping her emotions in check while watching the guy do his thing in the studio.

Rita explained:

“I thought [Calvin Harris] was even more sexy when I actually saw him working in the studio. We’d had this pact that we’d never work together for fear it could cause problems but quite the opposite. ‘d look at him there, so in control of everything, so creative, and just yelled, ‘Please turn the air-con on to make it cooler in here, as I’m seriously hot!'”

Do you believe reports that Calvin Harris built a shrine to Rita Ora in his home?

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