Bruno Mars Wants Everyone To Put Down The Cell Phones And Enjoy The Show

Bruno Mars wishes everyone would enjoy concerts like they did back in the day.

Going to shows following the rise of smart phones is definitely a different experience. Instead of watching a musician do their thing on-stage, folks essentially watch the show through an expensive device. Capturing the gig and uploading it to YouTube is all the rage, though some musicians wish everyone would simply cut it out.

During his recent chat with the Star Advertiser, Bruno Mars discussed his desire to change up the way we consume concerts these days. If the singer had it his way, then people would turn off their smart phones and just enjoy the show.

“In the old days, if you went into a show with a video camera to record it, you’d be lucky to leave with your camera. Now everybody brings their smart phones and records everything. I’d like people to come to the shows and enjoy them like they did in the old days. I don’t want people to come and then say, ‘I saw it all last night on YouTube,’ Bruno Mars explained.

The singer added, “Would I rather perform for a thousand people with cell phones or two people without? Of course I’ll take the thousand, but I wish that they’d come and enjoy the show while it’s happening. The show is what it’s about. It’s what I love doing, the live thing, the performance, with the audience.”

Bruno Mars isn’t the only musician who wishes people would put down their cell phones every once in a while. The Inquisitr previously reported that Lady Gaga kindly asked fans not to record her performance at SXSW. Considering a ton of footage from the show eventually found its way to YouTube, apparently some of her fans weren’t listening.

“Do me a favor and don’t take my f***ing picture, put your phone down. The best thing about South By is I see so many people just feeling music. Close your eyes, f*** your cell phone — f*** your friends instead!” she explained.

Joining Bruno Mars in his displeasure with cell phone usage is former 10,000 Maniacs singer Natalie Merchant. The Key reports that the musician didn’t appreciate all of the fans who felt the need to record her recent World Cafe Live performance in Philadelphia.

The website explained:

“Merchant did lose patience with cellphones, however, as she confiscated multiple phones (even getting help from [host David] Dye) between “Texas” and Ophelia’s “Kind & Generous,” an apt ending for Big Day Out. Asking why it could not still be 1998, when people did not feel the need to be on phones and take pictures all the time, she took a stance rarely taken by performers at a show. And the crowd seemed to be fine with it, as they were joyously partaking in the familiarity of an old tune.”

Do you agree with Bruno Mars that people should put down their cell phones during concerts?

[Image via Bruno Mars Official Website]