Denver Broncos Rumors: Team Could Be Trading Up In Draft To Land C.J. Mosley

Denver Broncos rumors suggest that the team is ready to make a big move in avenging last year’s Super Bowl loss, trading up in the draft to land Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley.

The Broncos have already taken great measures to shore up their spotty defense, acquiring defensive end DeMarcus Ware and cornerback Aqib Talib in the offseason. Sources say the team is now interested in trading up to land Mosley, who visited the Broncos this week.

It would take a lot for the Denver Broncos to trade up to the first round of the draft where Mosley is projected, but points out that the Broncos seem serious.

“It’s not often that a team trades from the back of the first round into the top half of it, but, if Mosley is being seriously considered, the Broncos could be faced with just such a task to secure him,” the report noted.

But at the same time, other rumors suggest that the Denver Broncos may want to trade back in the draft, as they’ve looked into doing each of the last two years.

By virtue of losing in the Super Bowl, the Broncos are slated at the No. 31 pick in the first round. But in each of the last three drafts the Broncos have looked to trade out of their spot, and could do so again.

With a deep enough draft, the Denver Broncos could trade back and stockpile more picks, ESPN explained.

“Often the thinking is to trade out of the lower end of the first round, get an extra pick or two and take a similarly graded player in the upper half of the second round,” Jeff Legwold noted. “This draft, in particular, is considered deep throughout, so there are plenty of teams already looking to move in the opening round.”

It’s a strategy that has worked for them before. In 2012, the Broncos traded back not once but twice, swapping their No. 25 pick with New England for the No. 31 and an extra fourth rounder, and then turning around and trading the No. 31 again to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Broncos again considered trading last year’s No. 28 pick, but ultimately decided to stay put and selected defensive tackle Sylvester Williams, who became a solid starter.

Given John Elway’s tendency to make big moves, the Denver Broncos rumors this year will likely continue through to draft day.