Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas Split: No Wedding Bells For Longtime Couple

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have split after two years of dating. A source confirmed the news to People Magazine saying that Harry told his friends that things just weren’t working out between him and Cressida. The news is somewhat surprising because many believed that Harry would end up proposing to Cressida, especially because the two have been spending so much time together recently. Evidently that was misconstrued because Harry reportedly finds Cressida “needy.”

Just last month Cressida attended her first official event with Prince Harry, which was sort of a big step. Harry has always been this sort of bachelor at heart. He definitely likes to party and was always Prince William’s “crazy” little brother, but many hoped that Cressida would have been the one to change him… but they broke up instead.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have dated on and off since 2012. Earlier this year, reported that Cressida was given “all access” to Harry’s place. While she didn’t actually move in with him, it was rumored that she would come and go as she pleased. This, of course, was another sign that Harry was getting close to proposing.

Harry’s friend Guy Pelly is getting married in Memphis on May 3 and Cressida was slated to attend the wedding with her beau. Now that the two have called it quits it will be interesting to see if they attend the wedding together, separately, or if Cressida sits this one out. According to USA Today, Prince William will be attending the wedding but his wife, Kate, and their son, Prince George, will not be in attendance, just because they are exhausted from their lengthy trip Down Under. It will likely be awkward for Cressida to go to the wedding with the two princes, but since she received her own invitation, anything is possible.

If Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas show up at the wedding together, rumors that they are back on will begin to swirl. If the two are still friends and things didn’t end on a bad note, it is entirely possible that they will both attend the wedding and have a smashing time together. And, given their track record of frequent break-ups, they could always end up getting back together. Perhaps Harry was a bit indecisive and got freaked out by the whole marriage thing… it happens.

Do you think Harry and Cressida will end up back together? Can you see Prince Harry settling down any time soon?

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