Is Adopting A Child Like Getting A Boob Job? This Video Offers A Surprising Answer

Would you consider adopting a child to be like getting a boob job? Most likely, your answer to the question is no. But if so, this hilarious and poignant video asks, why are you talking about adoption the way you talk about boob jobs?

See, the problem is, people are naturally curious about adoptive families, but most of us who are not part of adoptive families don’t know how to talk about them. So this video, made by Spencer Findlay and posted on the Rain City Church Vimeo page, offers a simple rule of thumb:

“If you wouldn’t say it about a boob job, then don’t say it about adoptive families.”

For example, you wouldn’t ask a woman whom you suspect might have had breast augmentation, “Are those real?”

But if you find that impolite, then you should also find it impolite to ask an adoptive parent, “Is that your real daughter?”

So watch this two-and-a-half minute video — not only does it make an elegant point, it does so in a way that will bring you a chuckle or two.