'Watch Dogs' Season Pass Announced, Includes Lots Of Goodies For The Virtual Hacker

The Watch Dogs season pass has been announced, and if you're worried about it being a bare-bones release, Ubisoft is about to alleviate your concerns. Most games are released not quite finished (Battlefield 4, we're looking at you), and the developers release updates to fix the bugs after the gamer has already played it and hopefully ignored the glitches enough to stick with it.

Saints Row IV was also guilty of this, taking months after its release to finally fix some of the most glaring bugs.

Ubisoft delayed the Watch Dogs release date to polish off the game before it reaches the public, meaning they know gamers don't always have the patience to stick around after encountering the glitches. It appears that polishing the game up wasn't all they had going on. The Watch Dogs season pass also includes some extras such as story DLC featuring the side character T-Bone.

T-Bone is described as a "brilliant but eccentric hacker who lives by his own rules." He could easily be doing what Aiden Pearce did before a death in his family drove him to revenge.

Wii U owners won't be getting the additions though. Only the other consoles and PC will see the extras being released alongside Watch Dogs. Nintendo is probably hoping that Super Smash Bros will be enough consolation for those who bought what is considered a generally underrated platform.

Watch Dogs' season pass will sell for an additional $19.99 and also get you an alternate reality minigame where you can hunt cyborgs, titled Digital Trip. While this sounds a lot like Kenway's Fleet in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, we wonder if the minigame will do anything to help you in the main game. Perhaps a signal range boost is unlockable if you kill enough cyborgs within a certain amount of time?

Aiden Pearce's mission to hunt down the people who killed his niece will probably be a rather time consuming endeavor. It appears Ubisoft is going to give you enough to do on the side that it will probably tide you over until Assassin's Creed 5: Unity comes to Xbox One and PS4. There will be plenty of potential for a sequel, of course, as a Watch Dogs sequel will likely not take as much time to make.

As always, the Watch Dogs season pass will net you all of the add-ons (including outfits and weapons) at a price discounted from the usual total cost. It will also gain you a week's early access to it all.

Are you excited to try your hand at virtual hacking as the Watch Dogs release date approaches?

[image via Ubi.com]