When Nerds Collide: It’s ‘Star Wars Vs. ‘Harry Potter’ In An Epic Battle Of Jedi And Wizard [VIDEO]

Choose your weapon: light saber or wand. It’s time to take up arms against your flat mate who dared to — GASP — take your phone off the charger. Time for an epic sci-fi/fantasy beatdown in the styles of Star Wars and Harry Potter.

This suburban nerd battle hit YouTube on Monday and is already closing in on 100k views. That’s pure magic.

Uh oh, did I just choose sides?

Which side are you on? Magic or the Force. Light saber or wand? Jedi or wizard? Harry Potter or Star Wars?

At least we know who shot first. And, thanks to Kevin Smith, we know how it went down in Middle Earth (below clip deliciously NSFW).