‘Super Smash Bros’ Brawl Will Happen At E3 2014 [Video]

A Super Smash Bros brawl is set to happen at E3 2014, as revealed in this hilarious promotional video from Nintendo. As the pioneer of the gaming industry struggles to maintain its status in the current generation, Nintendo is hoping that Super Smash Bros will prove Atari wrong and keep them relevant.

Nintendo is betting a lot on their flagship fighter, even giving early approval to the inclusion of Melee in the fighting genre’s biggest event of the year, EVO 2014. Last year it had become the subject of ironic censorship when Nintendo shut down the tournament feed, and later let it continue only to achieve a record number of viewers for any game involved.

Nintendo knows they have something with the Smash Bros franchise, and they are using their latest title to show off at one of gaming’s biggest events of the year. E3 2014 is when a lot of reveals are expected from the gaming industry, alongside other electronics companies touting their own latest inventions.

Called an invitational, the Super Smash Bros brawl at E3 2014 could give Nintendo the edge they need to bring their latest Wii U and 3DS title to the masses and show the world they can still compete with Sony and Microsoft. Sadly, the fighting genre itself has faded a bit since its glory days of the 90s. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter have given way to Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

In a humorous attempt to bring the genre and themselves back to the center of everyone’s focus, Nintendo hosted a skit starring Reggie Fils-Aime and the stars of the classic video game sketch comedy team Mega 64. In an effort to infiltrate Nintendo’s meeting for E3 2014, they invent the Reggie Fils-Aime mech, a life-size replica of the man and wearer of sunglasses. He cancels a meeting with President Obama to host the Super Smash Bros brawl at E3 2014 and sets up a nationwide promotion at Best Buy, among other things.

Could this invitational tournament work well enough to bring Nintendo back?