April 28, 2014
Blake Griffin And Clippers Silent Protest Donald Sterling's Comments

Blake Griffin and the LA Clippers are amidst one of their best seasons in recent history. Currently in the playoffs, the team has much to focus on as they match up against the Golden State Warriors, but recent racist comments allegedly made by Donald Sterling, the team's owner gives Blake Griffin and the team much more to think about.

On Sunday, Blake Griffin and the entire Clipper team engaged in a silent protest to Donald Sterling's comments by wearing their jerseys inside out during the team's warm up before their game. The move is to demonstrate the embarrassment and shame that the team, including Griffin, feels toward their owner. As they removed their warm up suits, Blake Griffin and the team threw their gear on top of the Clippers logo in the center of the court. The team played the game in their regular jerseys.

Now that Blake Griffin, along with his teammates have voiced their opinions regarding Sterling's comments, the focus moves to Game 5 in a series that is now tied 2-2.

"I think guys know it. But the sting of that loss is still there. I don't think we should just be like, 'Hey, it's all right. We got a win. It's fine.' I think we should let this sink in. But at the same time, it's a three-game series now. We have home-court advantage, and we just gotta get it done." said Blake Griffin about the Game 4 loss, looking toward Game 5.

Fallout from Donald Sterling's comments also affect Blake Griffin and other Clippers players in the realm of sponsorships. CarMax, State Farm have both pulled their sponsorships from the team. Kia, who Blake Griffin does commercials for, have also said that Sterling's comments are "offensive and reprehensible." Red Bull, another company who uses Blake Griffin as a spokesperson said they will no longer support team related marketing activities but would "continue to support out Red Bull athlete, Blake Griffin, his teammates and coaching staff in their pursuit of an NBA title."

Blake Griffin, who recently purchased a home in Los Angeles, has not been outspoken regarding his team owner's racist comments. Only time will tell if Griffin remains with the Clippers beyond his contract which ends in 2018. Clippers fans have grown to expect implosions of their beloved team over the years, but this one really takes the cake. We are not sure if Blake Griffin will continue to be a part of the team after his contract is expired. That being said, there's no more classy player in the NBA today than Blake Griffin.