April 28, 2014
Watch Minnestoa Wild Vs Colorado Avalanche Game Six Streaming Online Live; 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche game six gets under way tonight at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time - 8 PM for those watching in Minnesota and 7 PM for those catching the game in Colorado. Colorado holds a 3-2 lead in the Avalanche vs Wild coming into today's game in Minnesota and have the potential of knocking off their Central Division rivals. Don't expect the Wild, who have held their own from the wildcard spot, to make it easy on them.

The first round of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs has been nothing if it hasn't been entertaining. The Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild series has been no exception in that sense. The Wild vs Avalanche series has had more ups and downs than most roller coasters, with most of the games featuring come from behind victories and two of them featuring empty net comebacks to tie games in regulation by the Avalanche - who went on to win both games in overtime. First year coach Patrick Roy - a former start goaltender himself - is making waves by pulling his goalies much earlier than the accepted final minute norm.

The Minnesota Wild have been the victims of some questionable calls, but Wild captain and center iceman Mikko Koivu has encouraged his teammates to keep that in perspective. According to an AP report, Koivu said:

"We already put that behind us. Everybody's making mistakes. So do we. It's not really our job to worry about the refs. That's the league, and I think they do a good job on that. Us players, we just play the game and like I said, calls go back and forth. They missed some calls on us, they missed some calls on them, and I'm sure it's the same in every series in the playoffs."

Minnesota has outshot the Colorado in every game of the Avalanche vs Wild series - and, of that matter, every time the two teams faced each other int he regular season - except for game five. Is that an indicator of things to come? If the Avalanche come out in game six as aggressive in the offensive zone as they came out in game five, it's hard to see how the Minnesota Wild will survive to play another game.

What do you think? Will the Minnesota Wild be on the golf course this weekend? Can the Colorado Avalanche eliminate them in six? In seven?

Don't miss any of the action in tonight's Avalanche vs Wild game six. You can watch the whole Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche game six streaming online live here.