April 28, 2014
'Game of Thrones': Joffrey's Killer Revealed, White Walkers Reenter The Fray

Game of Thrones threw a bit of a curveball to its fans with the ending of the latest episode. For perhaps the first time since the show aired, Game of Thrones managed to surprise book readers as well as those who only watch the show.

Here There Be Spoilers

The White Walker ending to the show, in particular has made people rethink their confidence in what's coming next. As MTV.com points out, Game of Thrones has largely stuck to the script that was laid out by George R.R. Martin but the scene at the end of the episode is one that the author of the series never dreamed.

The mystery surrounding just what exactly the White Walkers are and what their ultimate plans are but now at least we know where they're coming from. The ending of last night's episode actually answered a couple of questions that even the characters don't understand just yet.

One of the lingering questions in Game of Thrones has been what happens to the male babies of Craster. We know that he keeps his female offspring in order to one day fornicate with them (gross) but he has cast off his male children and everyone who knew of Craster's practice assumes he was killing them.

It turns out the Others get those babies and at the end of the show, Game of Thrones showed what appeared to be the Walker king transforming the latest (and apparently last descendant of the now dead Craster) into one of his people.

This left turn was just one of the twists that Sunday's Game of Thrones showed off. We also seem to have a fairly good idea of the people who were behind the killing of bad king Joffrey.

While not all the pieces have been put together in that puzzle. It appears that Little Finger and Olenna Tyrell have both taken the "blame" in the Game of Thrones episode called "Oathkeeper."

Unless something else, something darker is going on there, it appears we can now put Joffrey's death in the rear view mirror, except for the trial of Tyrion Lannister. Everyone watching Game of Thrones knows he's innocent. Jamie now knows it as well and only Cersei seems to be holding him responsible for the poisoning at this point.

Game of Thrones' move to largely close this chapter, as well as showing off what happens to babies in the hands of White Walkers, seems to indicate a move towards the more fantastical aspects of the series.

While Game of Thrones isn't going to leave politics behind, we should expect The Others to take a more central role moving forward.