Scoundrel Columbus Short Gets Sucker-Punched This Time Around

Columbus Short can not only kiss his wife goodbye, but his role as Harrison Wright, as well.

According to, Short was fired from his role on the hit TV series Scandal. While no one at ABC has released an explanation as to why Columbus Short was given the boot, one can only speculate it is due to his own personal scandalous behavior that lead to his dismissal. “Good riddance” would be an excellent idiom to use here.

On April 7, Tanee Short, Columbus’ wife, claims he came into her room drunk, holding a bottle of wine, and threatened to whack her with it, but dumped it out on her instead, as reported by

Oh, but wait, it gets better.

Columbus, deciding the bottle of wine wasn’t dangerous enough, reportedly ran to the kitchen to get a knife, according to Tanee. revealed that Columbus pinned Tanee to the couch, and began choking her. Tanee continues saying that Columbus demanded they play a game called “Truth or Truth,” and that if she didn’t tell the truth Columbus would stab her.

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned game of Monopoly?

According to, Short wanted his wife to admit she was having multiple affairs. Short’s wife claims she attempted to grab their young daughter and flee from the scene, but Columbus slashed her car tires, per

This is not the first time Columbus Short has exhibited violent behavior. It actually goes back to 2010 when he got into an argument while playing basketball and hauled off and smacked another player in the face with his fist, knocking several teeth out, according to What’s the matter, Columbus? Did he block your pass?

Columbus continued acting like a deplorable wretch when he was arrested for domestic violence against his wife on February 14, 2014 per

Just what every woman wants on Valentine’s Day. A nice romantic push and shove. And don’t forget to involve the children. Let them witness it and tack on a child abuse charge to boot, Columbus.

Columbus Short also faces up to four years in prison for taking things way too far at an engagement party, according to The victim made a comment in passing about Short’s estranged wife, and Columbus yet again showed his charming social graces by sucker-punching the poor guy, breaking his nose and rendering him unconscious, sending him to the hospital. Columbus is in real trouble for that outburst.

Ironically, Columbus Short actually played an attorney on the series Scandal. Makes one wonder if Short will try to defend himself in court. It is certain that he played one on TV much better than reality. He appeared in court trying to get permission from the judge to move back into his home. The judge stopped Columbus Short in his tracks and not only denied Short’s request, but gave him only two hours with supervision to get his belongings and get out.

Don’t expect the fans of Scandal to miss you, Columbus. You fall way “Short” of deserving any sympathy.

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