April 28, 2014
Beyoncé And Jay-Z Will Team Up For Summer Tour

Since Beyoncé and Jay-Z are two of the reigning power players of today's music industry, it makes sense they might appear to perform at concerts this summer. However, the dynamic husband-and-wife pair have announced they'll be hitting the road together for the On The Run tour. Rumors of a joint tour were starting to flourish among fans, and now they've been confirmed as true.

The musicians each completed their own separate tours and both were very successful, so playing concerts together seems like a logical step that could end up being extremely profitable for Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The artists' have large fan bases, and there seems to be a significant amount of people who would eagerly pay money to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z on stage together.

Promotional pictures for Beyoncé and Jay-Z's outings feature the pair wearing ski masks and embracing each other. Beyoncé 's gaze is locked on the camera, presumably imploring you to buy tickets. Jay-Z has his head turned away from the camera and pressed into his wife, so the main part of him that's visible is his parted lips. Then, in case you had any doubt about who is hiding underneath those knitted accessories, block letters that accompany the picture broadcast the artists' names and successfully create curiosity for what they'll dream up during the upcoming dates.

The Beyoncé and Jay-Z tour kicks off July 15 in Atlanta Georgia's Georgia Dome, and finishes up in San Francisco's AT&T Park on August 5. If you're wondering how to go about getting tickets for what could be the hottest concert tour of the season, there are three sale periods to keep in mind.

The first starts tomorrow at 10am and runs for 12 hours, but it's only for members of Beyoncé's fan club. Even if you're not in that elite group, never fear. After the first pre-sale finishes, there's another for non-fan club members that goes through 10pm on May 1. Finally, tickets for the general public and anyone who wasn't able to commit to choosing a Beyoncé and Jay-Z date during the pre-sales will be available as of May 2.

The summer concert landscape is always a crowded scene, especially since a growing number of artists are trying to figure out how to remain successful as more and more people choose to download music without paying for it. At the start of the year, Beyoncé made headlines for releasing an album that was initially only released on iTunes as a complete work, rather than giving fans the options of purchasing single tracks. Now, the conditions seem right for Beyoncé and Jay-Z to create history together by collaborating in what they do best.

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