Selena Gomez Meets Up With Justin Bieber Day Before ‘Proposal’ Reveal [Video]

Selena Gomez met up with Justin Bieber in Hollywood the day before he went to New York City and raved to millions about scrapped proposal plans to an intended “future wife.” The couple are in the thick of it with rumors, but are they also “in love?”

Selena Gomez looked as pretty as a spring when she met up with Justin Bieber in Hollywood on Friday, April 25.

As it turned out the couple’s rendezvous took place just one day before Justin hit New York City and publicly declared he had intended to propose to his “future wife,” in Central Park.

Bieber later posted an Instagram photo of himself at a spot in Central Park on Saturday, that was captioned:

“Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife,” Justin wrote, adding, “but s–t sometimes things change.”

Hinting that these proposal plans would be upgraded, the 20-year-old added, “I’ll think of something more romantic.’”

Justin Bieber Admits Central Park Proposal Plan

(Photo: Instagram.)

MailOnline reported Selena met up with Justin at a Hollywood recording studio. Photographs reveal the actress-singer in a white halterneck white with pink detail one piece, teamed with a light cardigan and lace-up wedges that showed off her dancer’s legs to perfection.

Taking a leaf out of Justin’s liking for dapper hats, Selena completed her stylish spring look with a brown, hipster hat over brunette locks.

The UK newspaper noted Bieber was spotted at the studio earlier before Gomez arrived, and she was seen running from a black SUV into the building.

Selena Gomez Hooks Up With Justin Bieber

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With Bieber’s re-entry into the US delayed by five hours after he was detained by LAX Customs and Border Protection Officials returning from Japan on Thursday, it’s possible the starlet wanted to make as much use of their time together as possible before he left for NYC.

The day after her meet-up with Justin, a seemingly blissed-out Gomez posted an Instagram video of herself in bed set to the music of Corinne Bailey Rae’s 2006 hit “Put Your Records On.”

The post is captioned, “And they told me I don’t need to worry.. I might stay in bed all day.”

Despite a tide of rumors surrounding the couple — the latest casting them as a tragic Romeo and Juliet — in recent weeks the pair have been spotted together in Texas, Miami, and were reportedly inseparable at the Coachella Festival on April 13.

The Latina starlet, who won big at Saturday’s Radio Disney Music Awards with Song of the Year (“Come & Get It“), Best Song To Dance To (“Birthday”) and Most Talked About Artist, hit headlines last week after she ‘unfollowed‘ everyone on her Instagram feed — kicking off with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, before moving on to Taylor Swift, Bieber and the rest.

Gomez also posted moody photos of herself and a screenshot of an article on Mary J Blige’s song “Work in Progress (Growing Pains)” from her 2007 Growing Pains album.

The song’s lyrics talk of a lack of self-love, insecurities and resolving to work on them.

While the UK’s The Sun claims Selena was “convinced something” went on between Kylie and Justin, both TMZ and E! News later reported Gomez cut ties with the Jenners after an “epiphany” post-partying with the sisters at Coachella and Bieber on the first Sunday.

It’s claimed Selena considers the Jenners to be “nothing but a toxic distraction” and that this was why she deleted photos of the reality stars. Gomez is reportedly focusing on her music, “reevaluating” certain friendships and attending church services “almost daily.”

That explanation has taken a hit this Monday, with TMZ now claiming sources close to Kylie and Kendall says the sisters don’t touch drugs or alcohol and actually think Selena is the bad influence.

The new report noted Gomez’s rehab stay in January, adding that the Jenner camp alleges the Disney alum had a “paranoid meltdown” at Coachella after accusing Bieber of hitting on other girls before they all fell out.

The gossip site also ran pap pictures of Gomez hanging out with Orlando Bloom at Chelsea Handler’s comedy tour concert in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The outlet claims Bloom got up quickly when they were papped and insinuates the pair may be getting intimate as “revenge” for Bieber’s alleged and unproven tryst with Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, at a Victoria Secret Fashion Show Justin performed at in 2012.

The Bloom-Gomez rumor first sparked up last month with Hollywood Life. The site claimed Justin was furious Selena posed with Orlando at the first We Day conference at which she, Bloom and Seth Rogen gave speeches.

Selena later posted an Instagram of the trio backstage at the Oakland Arena, California.

Selena Gomez With Orlando Bloom And Seth Rogen At We Day Conference

(Photo: Instagram.)

It’s more than likely the Kerr-Bieber and Bloom-Gomez rumors are not true. Such stories are often based on photo assumptions but make sure bets as traffic-baiting headlines.

Meanwhile, Star magazine claims Gomez is a “train wreck,” while Hollywood Life is insisting Bieber broke a promise to move into her Calabasas home amid ongoing “get-thee-to-rehab” stories about the starlet.

Joining the fevered scrum, a new report in In Touch Weekly claims:

“Before she fired [her parents], they told Selena to stop drinking and seeing Justin [Bieber]. When she refused, they kicked her out of their home,” a source allegedly told the magazine.

Allegedly, this fight is what prompted Gomez to fire her parents – Mandy and Brian Teefey – as managers and buy her new home. Selena has since signed with Direct Management’s Bradford Cobb, who also steers the careers of Adam Lambert and Katy Perry.

As ever there’s a lot of hearsay in much of the reporting on both Bieber and Gomez.

That’s likely to step up after Justin’s “proposal” reveal.

Justin Bieber Posts 'Throwback' Photo

(Photo: Instagram, captioned “Throwback” and posted by Bieber. It shows the couple with Justin’s step-siblings during an outing to Malibu in 2012.)