Crop Tops For Men, Not Just For Women, The Newest Fashion Sales Trend?

Crop tops for women have become the latest need to have fashion summer trend, with girls everywhere looking for crop tops sales, but could crop tops for men become the latest trend for the guys, as well?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the crop tops rocked by Kid Cudi at the Coachella music festival probably garnered more attention than his music.

If you live in the deep south of America you've probably seen crop tops being worn at least once in recent times. Although the fad was more popular with women back in the 1990's it is claimed we may see a resurgence of the crop tops just like other fashion trends eventually tend to be recycled (I just highly doubt the powdered wigs, suits, and shoes with bow ties for men will ever make a comeback).

Designer Kresha Bajaj has been trying to push the return of the crop tops, and according to the designer this fashion is old, just not revolutionary war old:

"Crop tops have always been in the fashion scene from as early as the forties and fifties and reigned supreme till the nineties. They did lose popularity in the noughties only to return with a bang a couple of years ago. Making a summer appearance with cute bustier-skirt sets, crop tops became the favourites of the season. From casual tees with a sporty vibe to loose beachy styles and elegant bustiers; I love them because you can dress them up or down so easily. With a variety of styles, there is something for everyone."
Designers are also working on sports crop tops, with the focus being on the bralet, which is also known as the bandeau bra (if I'm wrong on this I blame my wife for the mistake!). But the fashion surge for crops tops seems to be centered in India, so will Americans be interested in baring their bellies to the world?

Already, crop tops for boys have been showing up on Instagram accounts. Even Twitter got in on the action with the hash tag #boysincroptops2k14 and it proves that men are enjoying strutting their stuff. Some guy even turned it into a joke at a party:

So what do you think: should guys attempt to pull off a Kid Cudi by wearing crop tops?