Cameron Diaz On Monogamy: ‘We All Have The Same Instincts As Animals’

Cameron Diaz found herself at the center of a controversy regarding her personal position on monogamy. The 41-year-old star sparked the controversy when she spoke candidly in an interview recently with InStyle magazine which was where she made her comments.

So what was the controversy all about? Well, according to Diaz humans aren’t “naturally monogamous” adding that people are more similar to animals than many think:

“We all have the same instincts as animals. But we live in a society where it’s been ingrained in us to do these things,” she said, getting down to the crux of the matter and pushing the blame onto “society,” for the human condition.

You can imagine the furor that those comments caused, especially among some more conservative groups around the world. Cameron Diaz, of course, felt she needed to make amends and clarify exactly what she really meant.

Even though many people actually agree, increasingly so, that people aren’t “naturally monogamous,” as has been proven time and time again by Hollywood celebs such as Diaz, her backtrack was, by most standards, a little disappointing.

Diaz later told reporters that what she said wasn’t in fact her own personal view on the matter but rather those of the character she played in the comedy, The Other Woman.

“That’s not what I said. My character says she doesn’t believe in monogamy…! I believe in monogamy. That is an important part of a successful relationship,” she said.

Cameron Diaz continued with her backtrack, which seemed to lose even more validity, as reflected in her words: “I have had (monogamous relationships). And, by the way, also, not all relationships end because people get cheated on, or people cheat. Relationships end because they end for whatever reason, but they are still successful relationships that have been monogamous for, however, long they’ve lasted,” she said.

If nothing else, Cameron Diaz, with those last remarks, succeeded in depriving the English language of any significant meaning.