‘Captain America 2’ Dethroned By ‘The Other Woman’ At The Weekend Box Office

Captain America 2 has finally met its cinematic match.

Although The Winter Soldier hung on to the top spot at the US box office for three weeks straight, the superhero’s latest adventure was finally knocked out of the top spot. Apparently even Captain America can’t compete with the likes of Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton.

According to Deadline, The Other Woman made quite a bit of money on Friday and Saturday, leading industry analysts to declare the romantic comedy as the number one flick at the weekend box office. However, this doesn’t mean Captain America: The Winter Soldier immediately stopped soaked up a ton of cash from moviegoers.

According to early reports, The Other Woman managed to cobble together $25.4 million during its first few days of release. This was enough to knock Captain America 2 out of the top spot. However, whether the film has the legs to stay in that position for more than a week is unlikely considering what’s spinning a web just around the corner.

Of course, The Winter Soldier didn’t slip too far down the list this weekend. Captain America’s adventure still outperformed the rest of the cinematic offerings competing for your entertainment dollar at the box office. The superhero’s latest offering grossed an estimated $15.9 million this weekend.

While Captain America 2 and Kate Upton’s big-screen debut were the most popular choices for North American moviegoers, a number of other motion pictures continued to enjoy brisk business in theaters. Heaven is for Real, a $12 million drama directed by Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace, continued to prove there’s a market for faith-based movies. According to estimates, the movie brought home another $13.9 million.

Rounding out this weekend’s top five are Rio 2 ($12.7 million) and Paul Walker’s action flick Brick Mansions ($9.6 million). Since these figures are estimates, there’s always a chance they could shift around a bit before all is officially said and done. The studios will release the actual totals later this week.

Although Captain America: The Winter Soldier lost out to The Other Woman, chances are Marvel Studios and Disney are still quite pleased with the movie’s performance at the box office thus far. The film’s worldwide total is presently perched at $618 million, a number that most producers can only dream of achieving.

Unfortunately for Captain America, it’s highly unlikely he’ll return to the top spot next weekend. Director Marc Webb’s highly-anticipated sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters in the US next weekend. Judging from the movie’s performance overseas — the follow-up already has $47 million in the bank — the movie should easily dominate its competition at the box office.