Ariana Grande Hopes ‘Problem’ Will Drop A Little Early On iTunes

Ariana Grande can’t wait for her new single to land in the hands of her loyal fans.

Although the singer’s latest tune “Problem” isn’t scheduled to arrive until tomorrow night, Grande is hoping the folks at iTunes will unleash the song a little ahead of schedule. Note: Ariana isn’t saying the new single is arriving early, she’s just hoping it will. Don’t start telling your friends it’s available to the masses just yet.

As always, we discovered this tidbit of information lurking over at Ariana Grande’s Twitter account. It’s clear from the singer’s previous posts that she’s anxious to get the show on the proverbial road. If iTunes could unveil “Problem” a little early, then it’s obvious Grande wouldn’t consider that a serious problem.

A quick scan through the iTunes song chart shows that Ariana Grande’s “Problem” is slowly working its way up the ladder. Chances are the tune will find its way towards the top of this digital music ladder next week. Considering the amount of solid buzz the track is receiving, Grande should have another hit on her hands.

Of course, the Sam & Cat star isn’t sitting around the house waiting to see if iTunes unleashes the new single a little early. Instead of just chilling at home, Ariana Grande headed off to the Radio Disney Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. If you’re curious to see Grande behind-the-scenes at the awards ceremony, check out the image below. Warning: The image in question features the singer giving everyone the bird.

Here’s another shot of Grande at the RDMAs.

While they’re anxiously waiting for “Problem” to arrive, fans can search through social media for clips of the singer doing her thing at the Radio Disney Music Awards. If you don’t have the time or the patience for such an endeavor, then you can always watch the embedded Vine over and over again.

Are you looking forward to grabbing a copy of the new Ariana Grande single? Do you think iTunes will cough up the track a little early?

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