Verizon Announces $30 Unlimited Tethering For 4G Legacy Customers

Verizon has announced that current 4G LTE device customers will be able to keep their unlimited plans and tether to their various devices for $30/month.

The announcement comes just as Verizon laid out plans for their upcoming (July 6) data package deals which includes a “top level” 10GB plan for $80/month among other offerings. Verizon has also said 3G customers can pay $20 additional per month for tethering, while new 4G LTE customers not currently using a 4G device will be forced to pay $30 extra per month if they wish to tether their devices with unlimited access from July 7 moving forward.

Current 4G LTE users will also have unlimited mobile hotspot access as part of a promotion that runs until July 6, at which point Thunderbolt, Charge and Revolution customers will receive an automatic update that kills the free hotspot capability.

Any customers who join after July 7 will be given an option to upgrade to a 2GB tier for $20, 3G customers will be offered the same pricing.

[via Electronista]