Ryan Dunn Honored in Special Tribute Video

Earlier this week, the family, closest friends, and loved ones of Ryan Dunn gathered at a memorial service held at Paramount Pictures in LA to mourn the 34-year-old “Random Hero’s” tragic death. During the service, a tribute video was shown to honor his memory and for all to see him in his glory one last time.

The video tribute is a montage of Dunn’s greatest hits, most of them Jackass-related, cut together in a moving and very funny way that only the guys at Dickhouse Productions know how.

As you’ll see in the special video, Dunn was always willing to do the craziest stunts, from shooting out of a high speed launcher into a lake to diving in to a pool filled with poo. Whether you liked the show Jackass or not, the video is both impressive and emotionally moving.

From the short opening of “Our Brother” to the touching ending of “We love you Ryan,” it is plain to see just how much he meant to all of the lives he was a part of.

Life is truly a vapor.
Ryan Dunn 1977 – 2011: