‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Lets Tumblr Direct Their Publicity Tour

The Fault in Our Stars is trying something new for their young demographic. When actors are promoting a film, it usually means they will be attending a ton of press junkets with fifty interviews packed in a few days, as well as the occasional press conference. The Fault in Our Stars, which is in adaptation of a widely popular young adult novel, is pushing social networking for their promotion of the film.

While all films are typically promoted on different forms of social media these days, The Fault in Our Stars has taken an additional step to separate themselves from the pack of films coming out. The powers that be behind the film have started a promo contest on Tumblr.

The contest, called “Demand Our Stars,” calls for fans to determine which states will get to see the stars and author John Green in person. In order to vote for a specific state, fans have been asked to create a logo for their state and post it as a note on Tumblr. Every “note” posted is a vote for that specific state.

The tour will begin on May 6 to May 10 in an effort to promote the film, which will be released on June 6. According to Publishers Weekly, the top prize will go to four different states and will earn visits from the actors and crew of the film. The contest will close on April 25.

Fox Films senior vice president said of the marketing strategy:

“Tumblr obviously is a platform where a lot of our Fault fanatics live, so we were looking to do something really big with them. We also wanted to give our fans control over some of our campaigns.”

The suggestion of having a Tumblr campaign might have come from the book’s author seeing as John Green has used his own personal Tumblr to answer fan questions and share his thoughts with fanatics of the novel.

Even if a fan doesn’t win the contest, some people will still have the chance to see author John Green. The author will attend a BookCon panel to talk about The Fault in Our Stars. BookCon is just what it sounds like — a fan convention for people who love books. In addition to John Green, other notable names attending are The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone, and stars Tina Fey, Amy Poehler,and Jason Bateman, who will be promoting their own projects.