Charlie Sheen Admits he “Juiced” for ‘Major League’ Role

Actor Charlie Sheen has admitted to using steroids to enhance his pitching performance for his role in the 1989 baseball film Major League.

“Let’s just say that I was enhancing my performance a little bit,” says Sheen. “It was the only time I ever did steroids. I did them for like six or eight weeks,” the former Two and a Half Men star told Sports Illustrated magazine.

In the movie, which also featured Tom Berenger, Rene Russo, and Wesley Snipes, Sheen played pitcher Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn, fresh out of prison with a blazing fastball, questionable control, and a penchant for trouble.

Although 45-year-old Sheen admitted that the “juice” took his 79mph heater to 85mph, he explained that the steroids did not help his stamina or recovery time, and because of that he struggled physically with the high number of pitches he was throwing each day during the filming of the movie.

“I had to throw 150 pitches in a night and turn it around the next day. I was like, ‘Guys, do you know why they have a five-man rotation? So you can heal!'”

In regards to true major league baseball players using steroids, Charlie, being an avid fan of the sport, weighed in with his own solution:

“I think they should do it like how they handled the spitball in the 1920s – every team could have one spitballer. You should be able to have one guy on your team that’s a total f—ing steroid maniac. Just to make it even.”

via Herald