How the Internet Has Changed Music, Trend Sound Promoter Sees New Opportunities

There is no question that the Internet has changed the way listeners regard music. Since programs such as Napster, Bear Share and Kazaa became available online, people have been downloading music for free. Of course, the music industry claims that downloading music without payment and listening to it on the internet has damaged the entire industry – but not everyone agrees.

For example, Trend Sound Promoter believes that the Internet can actually work to the artists’ benefit.” One important way the Internet has changed music is to offer a platform for artists to reach new audiences such as TS Music Catalog.”

The simple reason that people download music from the Internet is that it is inexpensive or free. Purchasing an album when you are only interested in two or three tracks makes no sense. For some, even paying the relatively low charges of iTunes, for example, is just too much.

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On the other hand, it’s easy to understand why the music industry feels downloading is unfair, because it takes so many people to make an album. There are costs of production, distribution, and marketing to be factored in. Until the Internet, all that was recouped through payment for a compact disc, and royalties were shared.

However, there are others who argue that the Internet has also had a beneficial effect. Because sales of music have dropped so drastically, the major labels have merged into just a few super-labels – placing control of what the public has access to in fewer hands. Under that system, new or struggling bands simply couldn’t afford to get their songs played by radio stations or recorded onto a CD. With the Internet, people have access to a wider variety of music, and can hear local or indie bands.

Trend Sound Promoter was one of the first companies to recognize that by providing an online promotional outlet for musicians, more opportunities could be created. “One important way the Internet has changed music is to offer a platform for artists to reach new audiences.

The Internet has also influenced people’s tastes in music, by allowing them to listen to many different genres, such as international music. Some music artists have caught on to this trend, so now many of the biggest hits are actually a compilation of different types of music,” says Trend Sound Promoter management.

Another growing trend by online musicians is an appreciation of the additional revenue that can be obtained by marketing themselves as a brand and selling related merchandise. Most loyal fans not only download music, but are willing to buy products associated with the artist or group, provided that it is promoted and marketed well.

If the promotion is carried out by a company such as Trend Sound Promoter, which understands that downloads, whether paid for or free, can morph into purchases of CDs and merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, pins or patches, then new and talented musicians will be able to take their work to an audience they could never have reached in the traditional way.