Duct Tape Surfing Offers Paraplegic Woman ‘Communion With The Ocean’

Pascale Honore may be confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn’t keep her from catching waves with her friend, Tyron Swan, with the aid of some duct tape.

As reported by Today, the French-born Honore settled down in Australia, where her two sons, Tom and Morgan, took up surfing and became friends with Swan. Pascale longed to experience the same rush of the ocean and Tyron thought he could help make that happen. Secured by a roll of the cure-all that is duct tape and a backpack purchased from the local K-Mart, the two have been riding the waves since December, 2012.

Pascale told Today that duct tape surfing with Swan is “utter freedom for me, and communion with the ocean.”

Cheers to the freedom you can feel with the help of friends. And duct tape.