‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Release Date Set, Rumors Run Rampant

The Star Wars Episode VII release date is still planned for December of 2015, but the rest of the series, and possibly the Boba Fett and Han Solo spinoffs, could be going back to May releases. Why isn’t the next movie being moved to May as well? It might have something to do with Disney’s plans to counter Warner Bros that month.

Batman Vs Superman, the Man of Steel sequel, has been slated for a May release already, and Disney knows that they can’t risk fighting that unfamous duo of superheroes with Star Wars, especially after the bad reputation that the prequels gained for the series. After Captain America: The Winter Soldier became yet another major Marvel hit, it was decided that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) would take on the DC Comics super duo at the box office.

Even though the Star Wars Episode VII release date may have lost its Summer time frame, the rest of the films could still be May releases, says Disney executive Alan Horn. This could be confirmed if the next film can win back its now jaded and jilted audience and somehow live up to the glory of the original trilogy.

Those are some massive shoes to fill, and the recent reveal of George Lucas being hired on as a consultant could be seen as good or bad. It was revealed back when he sold the films to Disney that he would still be around, but not in charge, so the Star Wars franchise may yet recover.

Further Star Wars Episode VII rumors surround the casting being almost complete. Peter Mayhew is returning as the hair-bound Wookiee, though it’s not known yet if Harrison Ford will be back. Fans might not like the idea of the usually inseparable duo being split up or Han Solo being recast, and it could hurt the film. Harrison Ford is slated to be in Expendables 3, so there could be a schedule conflict or he might only do a cameo.

Star Wars fans are notoriously difficult to please, and nothing beyond the Star Wars Episode VII release date and time period is known yet. Hopefully the Force is with the production of this next film.