'The Goonies 2': Steven Spielberg Is Already Kicking Around A Story

Todd Rigney

The Goonies 2 is coming together a bit quicker than some people might realize.

Movie fans of a certain age were more than a little thrilled when director Richard Donner declared that he was putting together a sequel to the beloved 80s classic. The excitement grew to a fever pitch when everyone discovered that most of the original cast would reprise their roles in the long-awaited follow-up.

Unfortunately, no one seemed to know when The Goonies 2 would find its way to the big screen. According to the folks at Metro, the sequel could possibly arrive in the very near future. Producer Steven Spielberg has reportedly kicked around a story for the next chapter in the Goonies saga.

"Hopefully we're going to get this done, period. Spielberg came up with the idea of doing a sequel after 30 years. You don't do ['The Goonies 2'] without him, and he came up with another storyline and he's right on," Donner recently told TMZ.

What kind of story is Spielberg working on for The Goonies 2? That's the million dollar question as of this writing. While Donner confirmed that the legendary filmmaker is helping out with the sequel, he stopped short of revealing what fans can expect from the flick.

Hopefully the officially Goonies sequel won't have much to do with the Japanese NES title Goonies II. Although the game featured characters from the original movie, the folks responsible for creating the title definitely took some liberties with the material. If you enjoy playing emulated version of old video games, then swing by Nintendo8 to play the adventure in its entirety.

Kotaku explained in a 2011 article:

"'The Goonies II' didn't just have kids, dungeons and evil Italian-Americans. It had dragons. Ghost Knights. Fish-men. Eskimos. Giant snakes. Wizards. Teleportation. And a bonus, all-new member of the Fratelli family, Pipsqueak, a cousin of the first film's hapless brothers."

Are you looking forward to Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg's The Goonies 2? What sort of story would you like to see the filmmakers tackle in the upcoming sequel?

[Image via Warner Bros.]