Kimberly and Dennis Quaid Receive Settlement for Twin Overdose

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid have reached a settlement for damages with Cedars-Sinai after their children were accidentally given an overdose of Heparin last year. TMZ managed to get the legal papers that state Kimberly and Dennis settled to the tune of $750,000.

Quaid kids Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace received 1,000 times the recommended dose of the blood thinner last year, which put them in critical condition. The mistake left the fraternal twins vulnerable to uncontrolled bleeding in what was later called a “preventable error” by Cedars-Sinai.

Curiously, the Quaids did not sue Cedars-Sinai directly, instead focusing on manufacturers Baxter Healthcare Corp. The case, which claimed that Heparin packaging was misleading, was dismissed. However, if the hospital is sued by the childrens’ representatives, there could be another big settlement in the works. It looks like things aren’t over yet!