Katy Perry Gets Beaten By A Fan [Video]

How well does Katy Perry know herself? Not well enough evidently.

Katy Perry appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where the show’s namesake hosted a game called “Who Knows Katy?” Jimmy Kimmel brought Katy out to the stage first, where she felt confident in the fact that she knows herself very well. That may be true, but all bets were off when Katy met Emily, the fan contestant competing against Katy.

Emily, a fashion editor, sashayed to her place on stage beside Katy, per USAToday.com. Katy looked at her opponent and realized that Emily even dresses like her. Perry pointed out that she owns the same pair of shoes that Emily was wearing. Kimmel informed Katy that her fan, Emily, had a Perry-themed wall in her home until Emily’s boyfriend made her take it all down, per Freep.com.

Katy’s response?

“At least you have a boyfriend.”

As Kimmel threw out the questions, Emily was quicker to the buzzer and beat Katy Perry 50 to 30 with knowing all the right Katy Perry trivia answers. Katy was so distraught at one point, she hit the buzzer with her head.

Katy was a good sport and laughed and said, “This is the most narcissistic thing ever,” per USAToday.com, as she handed her prize autographed pillow to Emily, who we are all sure will sleep on it every night.

Unless her boyfriend has anything to say about it.