Miranda Kerr Releases First Song ‘You’re The Boss,’ Twitter Shares Its Opinion

Miranda Kerr has officially entered the extremely tricky and fickle world of pop music. Here’s hoping the Australian model has very thick skin.

Instead of heading into these frequently turbulent waters on her own, Kerr teamed up with singer Bobby Fox for the track “You’re the Boss.” Unfortunately, it seems that fans and music critics aren’t overly impressed with her very first endeavor. Keep in mind that your thoughts and feelings may vary, so don’t let these folks sway your opinion if the song makes you tap a toe or two.

If Miranda Kerr’s tune sounds familiar, then chances are you’ve spent some time listening to pop songs from the 60s. Stuff points out that “You’re the Boss” was originally recorded LaVern Baker and Jimmy Ricks back in 1961. However, Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret tackled the song for the 1964 flick Viva Las Vegas.

Judging from recent reviews, Miranda Keer and Bobby Fox aren’t exactly doing the song any favors. The Sydney Morning Herald music writer Bernard Zuel didn’t seem overly impressed with the effort, describing the song as “not entirely satisfying.”

However, he does offer this defense of Miranda’s endeavor:

“Ann-Margret was a genuine triple threat on top of spectacular looks: a fine singer, an even better dancer and a good actor. Miranda Kerr is, well, not. But that’s OK. First of all, she does not need to be for a song which, in this arrangement, asks for more sultriness than technique; the implied pillow talk feel bringing a smidge of frisson that for some will work as sexiness.”

Now that you know how one critic feels about the song, what do music fans on Twitter think about Miranda Kerr and Bobby Fox’s version of “You’re the Boss”? Check out some of the reactions to the track below.

What do you think of Miranda Kerr and Bobby Fox’s version of “You’re the Boss”? Does the model have a future in the world of music?