Watch Penguins Vs Blue Jackets Game Three Streaming Online Live; 2014 NHL Playoffs

Tonight’s Penguins vs Blue Jackets game three starts tonight at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time in Columbus. If you find yourself away from the TV or somewhere there isn’t coverage, you can watch the whole Blue Jackets vs Penguins game streaming online live using the link at the bottom of this article.

Many figured this series would be a blowout. The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the strongest in the NHL and ran away with the Metropolitan Division crown. The Blue Jackets fell just short of overtaking the Philadelphia Flyers for third int he Metro and squeaked into the top wildcard spot after holding off late charges by the Red Wings – who earned the second wildcard, making it to their 23rd straight NHL playoffs after considerable doubt that they could extend their streak – Devils, Capitals and Senators. Instead, the Blue Jackets vs Penguins series is turning out to be one of the more exciting opening round match ups.

The Penguins vs Blue Jackets series sits tied at one game apiece. The Blue Jackets have stolen home ice advantage with an exciting 4-3 win in the second overtime of game two. The score was identical in the first game, albeit with a different winner. Anytime you have one goal wins, it makes for exciting hockey. When you have two in a row – including an overtime matchup – in the Stanley Cup playoffs, it makes for the most exciting thing on ice – arguably the most exciting in sports.

Look for both teams to come out to play tonight from the time the puck drops until the final buzzer sounds. According to an AP report, Blue Jackets 63-point scoring center iceman Ryan Johansen had this to say coming off the Blue Jackets franchise’s first ever playoff victory in Pittsburgh:

“For our fans, it’s been 14 years and they haven’t seen a playoff victory. To be able to go back to Columbus now tied 1-1 with the momentum we have, it’s a great feeling.”

Don’t look for the Penguins to go down easy in the Blue Jackets vs Penguins series, though. They still have Sid the Kid– widely considered the only serious choice for NHL MVP this year – Evgeni Malkin and a whole host of experienced, top calibre skaters who know how to win big games and despite his less-than stellar performances in the last two games, they still have Marc-Andre Fleury, undeniably one of the best goaltenders in the game.

Don’t miss the Blue Jackets vs Penguins game tonight. You can watch every hit, every goal and all the skating in between in tonight’s Penguins vs Blue Jackets game streaming online live right here.

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