Lindsey Lohan Talks Miscarriage, Sex List On Season Finale Of Reality Show

Lindsey Lohan just had her season finale on the OWN network. During that episode of “Lindsay,” Lohan let loose with some shocking news that included the revelation she recently suffered a miscarriage.

Lindsey also shed light on embarrassing situations outside her apparent secret pregnancy, including the recently leaked list of people Lohan has slept with. This is hardly the only time the actress has had her sex life become rather public but it is the first time Lohan has opened up about potentially being a mom.

While talking on her show, “Lindsey,” the former “Mean Girl” was explaining why she had missed a couple of days of shooting. While Lohan didn’t say who the father was or how far along she was in her pregnancy, Lindsey talked about the emotions she went through after she found out that she had lost the baby.

Lindsey Lohan also made it clear she was able to keep the revelation from the cast and crew of the show, only to shed light on her miscarriage during the broadcast.

“No one knows this — I had a miscarriage for those weeks that I took off,” Lohan said on the broadcast, the New York Daily News reports.

Moving onto some more embarrassing instead of heartbreaking info, Lohan also talked about just how the list of more than 36 men Lindsey had allegedly slept with over the years managed to go public. According to E! Online, these papers were made when Lindsey took herself to the Ford Center.

At some point, Lohan’s papers were leaked to a number of publications, including In Touch magazine. In Touch in turn, leaked the first half of that list in one publication and then released the rest of those names in another printing.

Lindsey’s sexual partners were put together as part of her rehabilitation and were only meant to be seen by her sponsor.

“That was a part of my [time at] Betty Ford. It’s step number five or step number eight,” Lohan said, referring to the 12 steps followed by Alcoholics Anonymous.

“It’s your sexual inventory. That was in my Betty Ford book, so it was really personal to my sponsor. You write that for your sponsor.”

While the actress isn’t entirely sure who leaked the list, she has a pretty good idea of how it was made public. Lohan says all the books were in her Beverly Hills hotel room and there were a couple of people who helped her move out.

Lindsey Lohan says she’s less worried these days about who leaked her list and more how the men, some of whom are married, are reacting.