Kate Upton Opens Up On Comedy And Cameron Diaz

Kate Upton, at a young age of 21, has already made a name for herself in the cover industry. Garnering fame from her appearances for Sports Illustrated, many thought that the young model would stick with the runway for good. Little did we know that Upton will also get her hands dirty in comedy.

Starring in The Other Woman with veteran actresses Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, Upton admitted to being nervous during the shoot. In an interview with Kate Waterhouse for the Sidney Morning Herald, Kate Upton revealed the pressures she experienced in the movie:

On her first day on the shoot, Upton revealed how she managed herself in the equally glamorous world of comedy:

“The first day, of course I was nervous, but they made me feel comfortable right away and made me feel like I was in an environment where I could mess up. I was encouraged because, especially in comedy, you push your limits and you say silly things to try and get the right moment.”

We’re not surprised by Kate’s initial reactions. However, The Other Woman isn’t Upton’s first try on comedy. She joined the cast of the film adaptation of The Three Stooges in 2012, where she played the role of the divinely busty Sister Bernice. Upton also got to work with the best comedians for the film, including Arrested Development creator Larry David and Will and Grace star Sean Hayes.

But perhaps the slapstick nature of the Stooges was much different from The Other Woman, which promises a more woman-oriented taste. Upton, who had the opportunity to work with Diaz and Mann, describe, described her working relationship with the two older actresses positively:

“I was so excited because I really admire these two ladies, and they’re phenomenal actresses and it’s a great opportunity for the first role I ever have done.”

Cameron, who already confirmed on Australian radio 2Day Fm, that she doesn’t feel threatened by the young model, seem to show equal admiration for Upton.

“I am 20 years older than her. I am not trying to be her. She is a beautiful woman. We are completely different and I celebrate her.”

Many are already excited for Kate’s role on the movie. Upton, who previously reserved her talents for magazine covers, seems to be aiming for the limelight of the Hollywood cameras. Kate Upton’s The Other Woman will open in theaters on April 25.

[Image is The Other Woman screenshot]