Caleb Hyles Viral Video Of "Let It Go" Mirrors Life - Test The Limits And Break Through!

Auburn student Caleb Hyles' passion shines through loud and clear in his powerful cover of Idina Menzel's "Let It Go." Every line, every note, in his viral video is jam-packed with emotion and inspiration. The song mirrors life as Caleb is letting it go, and breaking out into new adventures in music and life.

Doors are opening for Caleb as a result of the enormous popularity of his rendition of Disney's beloved blockbuster song. Though he has recorded a number of song covers in the past, including several from Disney and popular musicals, it was "Let It Go" that has gotten him recognized and exploded his opportunities. To date, there are more than five million views of his original "Let It Go" cover.

The Inquisitr caught up with Caleb at Newt's Eatery in Montgomery, Ala., recently to find out what inspires this up-and-coming talent, because we believe that the world will certainly see more of him in the future.

Caleb Hyles' passion that comes through in his music also shines through in his life. He started singing as a young boy when his parents signed him up for the church choir. He is the lead vocalist for a thrash metal band "From the Dark." In between, he sings titles from "Les Mis," and Taylor Swift to Linkin Park and Aerosmith. Caleb adds a theatrical flair, pouring his heart and soul, into everything he does. And fans are loving it!

"It's time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through."

Hyles recently flew to California to film a Game of Thrones style parody of "Let It Go," which has already has 135,000 views in the two weeks since its release.

In "Let Them Come," Caleb got to wear a crown and wield a sword while belting out the tune that put him on the map. One fan commented his excitement that Hyles got in his "Ha!" that helped distinguish his "Let It Go" cover from the crowd. That trip introduced the singer to a whole new network of contacts and opportunities. It was a learning experience that he loved. It was his first professional video, and it has awakened a desire for more. From the responses of the production team, that looks like a very real possibility.

Thrones Parody Let It Go

The Caleb Hyles YouTube channel features over 100 videos featuring his incredible vocal range and unbelievable talent. Some videos are just fun, and others blow my sock off. He had the same effect on the judges of "Auburn Sings" - an "American Idol" style campus show, which Caleb handily won recently. Those videos are on the YouTube channel, along with several different renditions of "Let It Go."

The 22-year old college junior also loves voice acting, anime, and basketball. And sweet tea. Caleb is well-loved not only by fans, but by friends and his close-knit family. He spoke with great honor of his mother who has encouraged him to stretch himself and pursue his passion.

Many people have commented that Disney should hire Caleb Hyles. When we asked him what he thought about that, he smiled and said, "That'd be a dream, wouldn't it?"

When asked what inspires his passion, Caleb spoke of his great love for music. He said that there are tons of other people all around him who are incredibly talented and deserving, but who never get noticed. He believes that we each have a God-given ability to be artistic and creative, but that fear holds many people back - sort of like in "Let It Go." Caleb advises those who want to sing or act to get loud, to put themselves out there and take chances to build their confidence.

"Everybody should take an acting class."

He sees multiple levels of meaning in "Let It Go," and Caleb is taking the message to heart, applying to his own life. Caleb has reached a point where he is holding nothing back in his pursuit of his passion in music, as well as in film. But he also believes that "anybody can sing; anybody can act."

Not like you do, Caleb - not by a long shot. Caleb Hyles possesses that special spark that sets him apart, that says to the world, "there is so much more inside, just you wait!" His cover of "Let It Go" is just the beginning.

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