Reality Not So Realistic: ‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore Allegedly ‘Faking It For the Cameras’

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is in hot water yet again. This time, her luxury lifestyle is at the center of reality TV controversy. For well over a year, a number of media outlets have questioned Moore’s financial and social status.

With her highly publicized eviction, her botched relationship with Walter Jackson, and the allegations about her not even having a car Moore has definitely been one to raise eyebrows.

Her relatively questionable actions have left many wondering how she actually lives up to the lavish reality TV status quo. She recently orchestrated a story about having a wealthy African boyfriend to justify her opulent lifestyle, but no one’s buying that story either. The conclusion: its all a sham.

According to Radar Online, a insider close to Moore has spilled the beans about the 43-year-old reality TV starlet-actress’ finances. She’s facing colossal, financial turmoil and doing everything she possibly can to maintain the façade she’s created to keep the cameras rolling.

“Kenya is basically broke and she doesn’t have any money,” the inside source explained. The source went on to give a detailed account of one incident in particular when Moore made a side deal with a car dealership. The agreement was that the dealership would say she was approved for an expensive auto loan in exchange for publicity. However, there was no approval; just another means of maintaining the lie she’s been living.

It was also revealed that Moore only opted to compete on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice because she desperately needed the money and publicity.

“Kenya previously turned down money-making TV appearances and she had a movie she was going to do overseas but it never happened. So when Celebrity Apprentice came up she had to say ‘yes.’ She desperately needs the money and the longer you stay on the show the more you get paid,” the source explained.

“She needs money to keep up her fake celebrity lifestyle.” Hopefully, Moore will use the revenue she earns from the ever-popular reality show to make her dreams a reality.

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