Khloe Kardashian And French Montana: Is ‘Rebound’ The Best Word To Describe Them?

Khloe Kardashian knows where to get her pizza! The younger Kardashian was seen cruising the streets of New York with her rumored boyfriend French Montana, and according to local sources, their out to grab pizza in the greatest city in the world. Both in black attire, Khloe and French were seen side by side walking the street of Manhattan while looking for the best place to grab some slice. E! confirms that the two exited from a posh party Montana himself hosted at the Allstar Night Club in New Jersey to satiate their hunger with a healthy serving of pepperoni (or anchovies, or plain cheese, we’re not sure what they got).

But one thing is for sure: there is definitely something between Khloe and French. Late night pizzas, all night clubbing, upscale vacays here and there – it’s just too obvious. And sources close to Kardashian are already telling us about it!

So why are some skeptical?

Maybe it’s because there’s just “rebound” written all over the place. Khloe still got a 229 pound Lamar problem while French still has estranged wife Deen lingering behind his back.

Deen Kharbouch is still the wife, but apparently she and French don’t love each other any more. Earlier this month, the estranged wife sent out a terrifying, cryptic but “friendly” warning to Khloe: “be careful” of the Ocho Cinco singer. “Things are not what it seems”.

Khloe and Lamar is still a thing – legally, of course. And apparently, their platonic relationship is starting to smoothen out. It’s too obvious that Lamar isn’t incommunicado from the Kardashian household. Heck, there were even talks of Khloe and Lamar getting back together – professionally – for the TV cameras as they were rumored last month to have a TV gig in the works.

So what is really going on with Khloe and French? Are they just “rebounds” for each other? Some peeps tend to think so.

But some are hopeful that this is really true blue love. Some of Khloe’s fans, who are frankly tired of all the love-hate drama, is wishing that French is the one for Khloe. Others however are wary of the rapper’s past, and advice Khloe to steer clear of the Morrocan-born artist.

A source close to the family claimed yesterday that Khloe Kardashian is “totally with” French, and if that is really the case, we wish her all the luck and hope that she finally gets the love she deserves.